Representative Services

We successfully represent applicants for ERISA, Social Security Disability, and SSI benefits every day.
Here’s what we do to help.

We have years of experience dealing with treating physicians to be certain that the medical records submitted to SSA or your private insurer are complete. Where possible, we work with you to have your doctor complete a statement that tells SSA or the private insurer about the nature of your disability and how it affects your functional capacity.

We work with you do develop evidence of your impairment from other sources, such as family members, friends, and former co-workers. We prepare all paperwork necessary to file your application or appeal.

In claims with SSA, if a hearing is required, we prepare you for the hearing so that you will have a good idea of the physical set up of the hearing room, of who will be at the hearing in addition to you and me, and what kinds of questions will be asked. In most cases, we will prepare a written statement about your case to send to the administrative law judge before the hearing so that he or she will understand what your background and circumstances are; what is your disabling impairment; how the disability affects your capacity to work on a full time, regular and sustained basis; and what medical evidence supports our case. It is our intention that by the time you have your hearing you will understand what will be happening as it takes place, and when the hearing is over you will feel that you have had the opportunity to explain fully how your life has been affected by your impairments.

If we lose at the hearing level, or if your ERISA claim is denied, you and your attorney will talk about whether further appeal might change the result. If we agree that SSA’s administrative law judge has made legal or factual errors in the decision that might have changed the outcome if s/he had gotten it right, we will file an appeal to the SSA Appeals Council. If we feel that a lawsuit is necessary to enforce your rights in your ERISA claim, we will make arrangements for the lawsuit to proceed.  We have been fortunate to have to file such appeals only in a small minority of claims, but it does happen.