How We Get Paid

We Only Require Fees if You Win

Like all attorneys who represent applicants for SSA Disability and SSI benefits, we do not charge a retainer or bill you by the hour.  By law fees are due only if you win.  Then, the fee is 25% of your past due benefits.  Right now there is a maximum fee cap of $6,000.  Because the fee is a percentage of the benefits you are owed, the amount we are paid changes depending on how much your monthly benefit is,  how many levels of appeal are necessary, and how many months have to pass before SSA pays you.  If we don’t win, in that event there is no fee owed.  By the way, there are no fees due on future benefits – those are all yours.

Normally our office will advance costs for records and copies of files that are needed to help us prepare your case.  Generally these costs run in the $100-$200 range; but depending on where you are getting medical treatment, and for how long, costs can be higher.  Costs are to be repaid whether you win or lose.  However, you don’t have to pay them all at once.  We will bill you when costs are incurred.  We know that many of our clients don’t have much money – after all, they’re not working – and so we are prepared to absorb costs for a while.  However, costs are to be paid whether the final result is a win or a loss.  Periodic partial payments are appreciated.

ERISA Payments

On private disability matters we offer two options for payment.  One is a flat fee payable at the time we are retained, and the other is a percentage of the past due benefits that are owed to the client at the time the matter is resolved in the client’s favor.  The advantage of the flat fee is that it generally is a smaller amount than the percentage fee.  The advantage of the percentage of recovery arrangement is that the client does not have to come up with a payment when we are hired, and payment is made only if we win.

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