Migraines and Seizure Disorders

Migraines and Seizure Disorders obviously have a one thing in common – the brain. But I am discussing these topics together for another reasons: they are hard to prove as a disability. The reasons for this are many. It is not very often that a person with a seizure disorder actually shows evidence of seizure […]


According to the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report from the CDC, 34 million Americans, just over 1 in 10, have diabetes. 88 million Americans (1 in 3) have prediabetes. Whether your body simply does not produce insulin (Type 1) or no longer can use insulin properly (Type 2) the condition can often be managed through […]

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Auto-Immune Disorders

It seems to be increasingly difficult for many of our clients to get access to a rheumatologist. But a rheumatologist consultation can be so very critical in a disability claim for any number of conditions. Rheumatologists are board certified internists who are qualified by additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like: osteoarthritis, […]


Almost everyone experiences anxiety during their life. This can come with worry about the health of a family member or friend, job loss, or even with living through a pandemic. Such anxiety inducing challenges usually resolve within a short time and the anxiety dissipates. However, a person with an anxiety disorder does not experience that […]


Depression is one of the most common medical problems affecting disability applicants. While sometimes causing severe functional impairment, depression is often unrecognized, undiagnosed and under-treated. Whether called dysthymia, major depressive disorder, or experienced as part of a bipolar disorder diagnosis, there are typical symptoms: increased sadness, anxiousness, irritability, hopelessness, and guilt; loss of interest in […]

Grid Rules

Other than senior discounts at the movies, there are few advantages to aging. But Social Security has rules which benefit disability applicants as they move through different age groups and closer to retirement age. These are commonly called “Grid Rules.” SSA’s Grid Rules are a bit of an artifact as they were created in an […]

How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability

Anyone who is considering applying for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is probably already feeling a bit desperate and so the answer to this question is always “too long.” Such a person has likely been suffering from a significant and painful impairment for some time which has forced her […]

The Rules of Social Security Administration Disability Determinations

Social Security Administration is a bureaucracy. And like all bureaucracies, the decision makers at SSA must follow their internal rules. When deciding whether a person is disabled, the Agency follows a five-step analysis: 1. Is the individual working? If working in 2021 and earning more than $1310 per month (gross) Social Security will say you […]


Covid-19 is a serious and sometimes deadly disease. For most people who contract Covid, the symptoms are mild. However, some suffer very serious complications and may even require hospitalization. This is such a new disease that we still know very little about the long-term consequences of contracting Covid. A few unfortunate souls already fall into […]