About Linden Law

We represent disabled individuals that are seeking benefits from the Social Security Administration and from private Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance companies. Since 1990, we have worked only with people who need help to prove that they meet the strict disability definitions used by SSA and by insurance companies in order to be approved for disability insurance claims. Since 1980, David Linden has practiced law in Napa, CA. For the first several years, David’s law practice included other areas of the law, such as family law and personal injury.

In 1984, David’s wife, Cathy, began to work with him as office manager. In 1990, she encouraged him to direct all of the office’s energies to assisting people with their battle for disability benefits, including employer disability claims, LTD claims, and disability appeals. David limited his practice to working with individuals who are seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration or long term disability (LTD) benefits from private insurers.

As a result of this new focus, Cathy commenced a greater involvement with working directly with clients and the medical clinics, physicians, hospitals, counselors, and other treating professionals who are providing the medical and mental health care our clients require. She does everything but be the lawyer.

Attorney Charles Cottrell joined the office in March, 2014, after representing Social Security applicants for several years in the state of Washington.